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ALASTAIR RATINGTON (pronounced RAT-ing-ton)

SPECIES: Rat... but not really

AGE: Somewhere between 17-19

PERSONALITY: Laid back, not SUPER picky about anything

ABILITIES: Can shapeshift, can stretch their body to be very long, visiting other people in their dreams, super strength, levitation, breathing

HEIGHT: 5'6 (167 cm)

LIKES: Looking at anything that moves, committing crimes, stale chips, reading manga, going to the hospital, playing Touhou

DISLIKES: Humans, standing still for more than 10 minutes, cold mac & cheese, the number 4


(a few examples of their many forms!)
Alastair likes to call theirself a rat because rats are cute
animals. They enjoy cute animals so I became one!
They like to make other rat friends since they feel like they
can relate to them a lot. They've made quite a few friends
from their time here!

One of their friends introduced them to anime and manga, and
it has become one of Alastair's favorite things. They enjoy drawing
anime characters since drawing is one of their favorite hobbies.
Drawing is able to keep their attention, and it's a good way to
document how people and animals live their lives.

(one of their drawings)